Partnerships with International Institutions:

1) Scientific collaboration with the University of Porto, Portugal, for development in studies in the area of ​​Heart Failure and Epidemiology;

2) Agreement with Harvard Medical School, United States, for the exchange of: 1) studies on adaptive mechanisms in heart failure, mainly peripheral vascular reactivity, the participation of peripheral circulation in heart failure is increasingly considered of fundamental importance. In this agreement, non-invasive techniques are being used to characterize peripheral circulation adaptations in heart failure. Participation with the TIMI Group to coordinate international multicenter studies, 2) atherosclerosis, 3) arrhythmia and electrophysiology.

3) Agreement with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, United States, for the exchange in the area of: 1) Magnetic resonance imaging in acute myocardial infarction. The application of magnetic resonance imaging to the study of ischemic or infarcted cardiac musculature in man is a scientific and technological innovation of great importance; 2) Genetic therapy and molecular biology. This should make it possible to plan more precise therapeutic interventions; 3) Tomographic diagnosis of coronary obstruction; 4) Analysis of coronary calcification for tomography.

4) Collaboration with NIH, National Institute of Health, Behtesda, MD, USA (the largest research institution in the United States, in the United States) in development of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of sodium-23, Dr. David Bluemke is the NIH partner and director of radiology at NIH.

5) Agreement with the University of Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy, for the exchange of a study on human atherosclerosis. The basic mechanisms for the development of human atherosclerotic plaque are the objectives of this covenant, through the analysis of samples of human plaques removed during atherectomy. These will be related to the clinical pictures of the patients.

6) Collaboration with the National Institute of Cardiology of Mexico.

7) Collaboration with the University of Arizona in Tucson, United States.

8) Collaboration with Wake Forest University, North Carolina, United States.

9) Scientific collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles, United States, for the development of studies on autonomic regulation and cardiovascular implications and effects of physical exercise. Collaboration with University Pittsburgh, United States, through Profa. Katherine Detre, developing epidemiological studies; related to cardiovascular disease, besides being evaluating statistical studies of the Institution.

10) Agreement with the Mayo Clinic Foundation, through Profs. Robert Frye and Bernard J. Gersh, comparative studies between coronary and diabetic patients, related to clinical, surgical and angioplasty treatment. Long-term follow-up - BARI IID study.

11) Collaboration with the University of Vermont, through Prof. David J. Schneider, developing studies in partnership in the area of ​​genetics (polymorphism); and in the area of ​​cellular inflammation and in the area of ​​coagulation in patients who underwent cardiac surgery with and without extracorporeal circulation.

12) Interchange with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The Prof. Mark E. Molitch, recently was in Brazil teaching about Diabetic Nephropathy and is part of the BARI 2D Coordinating Center.

13) Collaboration with Stanford University. School of Medicine, for the development of partnership studies - MASS / Stanford - on Operational costs of research protocols.

14) Collaboration with Mount Sinai University School of Medicine, Prof. Valentin Fuster, in the Freedom study. These are a group of comparative studies between diabetic patients with coronary disease undergoing surgery or angioplasty with coated stents.

15) Collaboration with Image Processing and Informatics Lab, University of Southern California, USA, a joint project for the development of a Grid-based infrastructure for medical applications using Internet-2 and RNP-2 as part of the "Network Advanced Research and Development of Distributed Systems in Medicine "sponsored by the National Research Network (RNP) / MCT (Articles published in international journals and congresses).

16) In association with Jonhs Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, conducts studies on the influence of risk factors on subclinical atherosclerosis and also association adiposity with risk factors. Professional Training Program for Foreign Doctors (PCPME - FMUSP) and Luanda, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala.

17) Collaboration with The University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA, Prof. Thomas R. Porter, and the Echocardiography Laboratory.

18) Collaboration with the Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa, Italy, Prof. Eugênio Picano, Echocardiography Laboratory.

19) Agreement 1753 CPqD / Zerbini Foundation - Collaborative System for the Distribution of Dynamic Medical Images.

20) Undergraduate student exchange: participation in the Exchange Mobility Program through the Universitätsklinikum Jena, Germany.

21) Collaboration with the Università Degli Studi di Milano, Centro di Fisologia Clinica e Ipertenzione, Milan, Italy, for the exchange of studies on arterial hypertension and the autonomic nervous system in both patient and animal experiments.

22) Consortium for Biomedical Science Exchange (CAPES-FIPSE).

23) Agreement with Wright State University, Resposnável: Prof. Mariana Morris (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology).

24) Agreement with Wake Forest, Responsible: Prof. Debra Diz (Laboratory of Hypertension).

25) Agreement with The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Cleveland Ohio, USA. Prof. Dr. James D. Thomas, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging Section.

26) Agreement with The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan - USA. Dr. William F. Armstrong III, Director of the Echocardiography Laboratory.

27) Agreement with Duke University, Durhan, Noth Carolina - USA. Prof. Dr. Joe Kislo, Director Echocardiography Laboratory.

28) InCor has an agreement with the University of Surrey, in England, to research for a new biomarker for atherosclerosis, which also includes the Brazilian laboratory Fleury. Senior researchers of the project are Dr. Raul Dias dos Santos Filho, Director of the Clinical Unit of Dyslipidemias, Maria de Lourdes Higuchi, director of the Laboratory of Inflammation and Infection in Cardiology, and José Antonio F Ramires.

29) Interchange between a group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, and the director of the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Cardiology of the Heart Institute (InCor), Prof. Dr. José Eduardo Krieger, to study a new treatment alternative to restore, after an infarction, the blood flow that feeds the heart muscle. "The new technique uses the concept of tissue engineering to combine cells and a biopolymer matrix to prevent the death of cells close to the infarcted area and at the same time stimulate the formation of new blood vessels"

30) Partnership with the Erasmus University of Brussels through Professor Jean Louis Vincent of the Department of Intensive Care Therapy with InCor Intensive Intensive Care and ICESP Intensive Care Therapy under the coordination of Prof. A hard tackle from Ludhmila Abrahao to Hajjar. Involves the exchange of undergraduate students and conducting clinical studies in partnership.

31) Partnership with St Trust College, London, through Professor Andrew Rhodes, of the Department of Intensive Care with Intensive Intensive Care of InCor and ICESP Intensive Therapy under the coordination of Prof. A hard tackle from Ludhmila Abrahao to Hajjar. Involves the exchange of undergraduate students and conducting clinical studies in partnership. 

32) Partnership with Columbia University in New York. Department of Cardiology, through Professor Paolo Colombo and the Cardiology of FMUSP, under the coordination of Profa. A hard tackle from Ludhmila Abrahão to Hajjar. Involves the exchange of undergraduate students and conducting clinical studies in partnership.

33) InCor-Hachioji Cardiovascular Check Up Program, between the Heart Institute of HC-FMUSP, with the participation of professors from the Program and Hachioji Medical Center of Tokyo Medical University of the Tokyo University of Medicine, with encouragement from the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Industry of Japan. Minister Akiba was familiar with the structure of the Institute in assistance, teaching and research, and was convinced of the correct choice of InCor as a partner in this project of the Japanese government, which seeks to spread medical technology from Japan to the world.

34) Mission of the Newton Fund in Infectious Diseases of the United Kingdom at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with the objective of projects of partnership and exchange of researchers between the institutions.

35) Center for Healthcare Advancement and Outcomes and Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Baptist Health South Florida, Miami, FL, USA on the study of cardiovascular risk factors.

36) Project of Patient Assistance through Education by Digital Technology - Catholic University of Portugal - Porto, Portugal.

37) Lusophony Project of Continuing Education in Hypertension - Portuguese Society of Hypertension and University of Minho (Guimarães, Portugal).

38) Specific agreement between the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of La Plata and InCor-FMUSP for joint execution of research projects in the line of research in echocardiography, training and improvement of human resources and exchange of scientific and technical training.