The Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Cardiology of the School of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP) comprises a set of scheduled activities, both advanced and individualized, guided by an advisor, which include and privilege teaching and research, always aiming to integrate knowledge. This program should be understood as a system of intellectual formation and, at the same time, of production of knowledge in each field. The program headquarters are located at the Heart Institute of the Clinical Hospital of FMUSP.

In order to achieve these goals, the Cardiology program receives as students professionals with medical degree and individuals with other professional qualifications who are affiliated with or were sent by university and non-university institutions linked to the Health Care System or with research and teaching centers and who have affinities with Cardiology. The admission of professionals from areas other than medicine is welcome and highly beneficial for the development of basic research in research projects from the program.

The presentation of the applicant for the selection test should necessarily be performed in the presence of the Professor entitled as his/her future advisor at the program.
At the end of the Program, after passing the courses, the general qualification test and the dissertation defense, the student will receive the PhD degree in Sciences by the FMUSP Cardiology Program.
The figure of the advisor gains significant importance in the Program, since he/she will be responsible for, among other tasks:

  1. Indicating the student;
  2. Assisting and supervising the development of the dissertation project;
  3. Making a continuous follow-up of the development of the dissertation project;
  4. Preparing the student for the general qualification test;
  5. Assisting and supervising the development of the final draft of the doctoral dissertation; and
  6. Publishing the dissertation in the form of an article.